Ordering tickets


Buy your tickets only through the officially recognized channels: the Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, be•at Tickets and Ticketmaster website.

At the box office

If a show is not yet sold out, you can buy tickets at the Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen box office before the start.
Attention! At the box office, you pay an extra 2 euros service charge.

By phone

Want to order tickets by phone or have questions about your tickets?
Please contact the Customer Experience Center.

For a group

Would you like to attend a show with a group of 20 or more people? You can! We often offer great discounts on shows for groups.
Find more information on our groups page.

Ticket prices

The ticket prices listed on our website are the prices you actually pay when ordering online. These prices include online payment fees, service fees, electronic ticket delivery fees and the contribution for free use of public transportation.

Ticket fraud

Rogue ticket sellers

Do not buy your tickets from rogue resellers who offer tickets on the black market at higher prices. These tickets are often forged and therefore invalid.

Are you the victim of misleading practices, fraud or scam? Report it to the federal government's Contact Point.

Delayed ticket delivery

For most shows, tickets are not available until several weeks or days before the show. This is done to deter ticket fraud. Making tickets available only shortly before the show makes reselling them at high prices on the black market much more difficult.

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