Terms and conditions

House rules and prohibitions

These house rules and prohibitions apply to anyone entering our venue in any capacity.

  • All visitors are requested to come to the venue on time, not to bring luggage, (large) handbags nor (back)packs and to respond correctly to any requests from security.

  • Children under 12 who are not accompanied by an adult will not be admitted to the venue. Accompaniment by an adult is also strongly recommended for young people aged between 12 and 16.

  • It is forbidden to enter our venues with bottles, cans, alcohol, sound recording devices, film and photo cameras (smartphones equipped with a photo function are, however, tolerated), fireworks and objects that may pose a safety hazard. If these rules are violated, the police will be called in. Entering the venue implies consent to possible searches.

  • Be•at cannot be held liable in any way for theft or loss of objects brought along, not even if they have been placed in a locker.

  • The be•at venues have a zero-tolerance policy on drug use and excessive and/or bothersome alcohol consumption. Violation of this may result in denial of access to the venue, without any right to compensation for the offender. Be•at is free to request the assistance of the police. In no way can be•at be held liable for damage to persons or property resulting from drug or alcohol consumption.

  • Sexual or other transgressive behaviour will in no way be tolerated and may lead to denial of access to the venue, without any right to compensation for the perpetrator. Be•at is free to request the assistance of the police.

  • There is an absolute ban on smoking in our venues. This ban also applies to the use of e-cigarettes/vaping. Be•at points out that in case of violation, the authorised services may draw up an official report or issue a fine (with or without immediate collection). Smokers can, however, leave the building on presentation of their ticket to light a cigarette outside. The ticket barcode is also scanned on re-entry.

  • Be•at opts for cashless. Sales in our venues are exclusively electronic, using a bank card. It is also possible to buy a rechargeable debit card. Loading it with cash is only possible at the information desks.

  • Throwing objects of any kind is not allowed in the venues of be•at in order to preserve the safety of everyone.

  • Visitors must comply with any measure imposed by be•at to preserve the safety and/or health of everyone. Visitors shall comply with any directive given in this regard on the spot by the venue staff, failing which they may be asked to leave the venue.

  • As a visitor to a be•at venue, you subscribe to be•at's sustainability policy. Waste should be sorted in accordance with the instructions of be•at and its staff.

  • Reusable cups belong to be•at and may not be stolen in any way.

  • As a spectator, please bear in mind that an event may be filmed. In case of film or TV recordings, there is a chance that you may be portrayed.

  • Photos or videos taken during the event may be used by the visitor for private use only.

  • At the request of the artist, taking photos or videos during the event is sometimes prohibited. The visitor is expressly informed of this by be•at and must comply with this instruction.

  • Respect the property and the night’s rest of our neighbours. A be•at visitor will not leave any litter in and around the venues or in the surroundings.

  • Unless written permission from the organiser, any commercial use of the name or logo of the event or artist is strictly prohibited.

  • Unless written permission from be•at, any commercial use of the name or logo of our venues is strictly prohibited.

  • Be•at launches a warm call to care for each other. Because we care a lot!

Purchase Policy (tickets)

  • Your ticket is exclusively valid for the event and day indicated on the front of the ticket.

  • The ticket is not valid without a numbered stub.

  • Any sort of modification, erasing or defacing of text will result in the ticket becoming invalid.

  • To check for unlawful use, the ticket is equipped with a unique bar code, which can be scanned at all times when entering the venue.

  • In case of loss or theft, your ticket will be neither replaced nor refunded.

  • Upon reception of the ticket, the owner waives any claim for damages – for whatever reason – he or she may have against the management of the venue, the organizers and any other third party involved in the organization or establishment of the event.

  • Never buy your ticket off the street. Chances are that it is a forgery. Entrance to the venue can be refused or denied at all times.

  • In addition, never buy your ticket on auction sites or “second hand” auction sites. The bar codes on these tickets will be rejected, causing the ticket owner to be refused access to the venue. (for more info about these dishonest sites, please go to  www.ilovemyticket.be). (only in Dutch or French)

  • Tickets, which are ordered or paid late, can be picked up at the box office before the start of the event. The box offices usually open two hours prior to the start of an event. An ATM can be found to the left of the main entrance of the Sportpaleis (next to Eat & Greet). In Hasselt and Vorst ATMs are also located outside near the main entrance. Near the Capitole in Ghent, several ATMs can be found on Count of Flanders square (Graaf van Vlaanderenplein). In Antwerp there is an ATM on Wapper (square) very close to the Stadsschouwburg.

  • Booked tickets that are not picked up within the 30 minutes prior to the start of an event, can be resold.

  • People who (live in the vicinity of the venue and) want to attend an event that is reportedly sold out can still always try to get tickets at the box office. Often seats of clients who didn’t come pick up their tickets, are released.

  • When using e-tickets, only the first person to present the original e-ticket will be granted access to the event. Any second ticket that is presented will be considered a copy and will not gain access to the venue or event.

  • Unused tickets are not refundable.

  • Tickets are only refunded or exchanged if the event is cancelled. In this case tickets must be submitted within two weeks of the date of the event. The aforementioned provision implies the sole responsibility of the organizer of the event. Any cancellations and/or changes in support acts cannot give rise to reimbursement or exchange of tickets.

  • Sometimes the words ‘general admission’ are mentioned on the ticket. This means that you are attending an event with free seating. You are free to choose where you’ll be sitting or standing. For security reasons, the amount of people allowed to stand in the standing-room only section is limited. Whoever wants to stand in the general admission pit, is advised to come early to secure his or her position in the GA pit.

Purchase Policy (VIP packages)

  • The offer to place an order will be valid to the extent that the term of payment mentioned is respected. You can either pay by credit card or by wire transfer (this not always possible. Especially in case of events which are expected to sell out quickly or in case of imminent sell-outs of a whole event or a certain price category) or by cash during the office hours at the reception of the Antwerp Sportpaleis, Schijnpoortweg 119, 2170 Merksem. For the latter we kindly ask you to first make an appointment by phone, to quicken the booking process.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all our prices include VAT and taxes.

  • After receiving your order, you will receive confirmation via email. If you chose to pay by wire transfer, you’ll also find a payment invitation in this message. After your payment has been registered, you’ll receive a confirmation via email of this transaction as well.

  • If, during the ordering process, you indicate the option to receive an invoice, you’ll receive this after your payment has been completed.

  • Upon receipt of your payment and not earlier than 3 weeks before the event, you will be sent your VIP tickets, parking admission and entrance tickets. Delivery costs are included.

  • The individual or company ordering the tickets is considered as the rightful client and therefore guarantees the payment and order, even if it will be billed, set up and transmitted to a third party.

  • Our products (tickets, VIP-tickets, parking admission, …) will always remain our exclusive intellectual and material property. Consequently, any reprinting or copying in any form or using any process whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

  • Except in case of written approval by the organiser, any commercial use of the name or logo of the event or artist is strictly prohibited.

  • Changes to the programme, dates and/or location of the shows, changes in the arrangement and/or availability of the seats and cancellations of shows are the sole responsibility of the organizer. Antwerps Sportpaleis nv only acts as an intermediary for booking VIP-packages and expressly limits any liability it may have to this scope.

  • VIP-packages are only reimbursed or exchanged if the event is cancelled. In that case, the tickets have to be returned within two weeks of the date of the event.

  • It is strictly prohibited to make VIP-packages available to third parties in any way, for commercial reasons, without prior approval of Antwerps Sportpaleis nv. Thus it is forbidden to organise contests, set up commercial campaigns or resell the packages to anyone else.

  • We hold the right to change our VIP packages at all times. In case of any modification, we will advice this in advance with the option to cancel your booking without any extra cost, if the proposed alternative is not accepted.

  • In case of disputes please, only the Belgian legislation applies and only the District Courts and Courts of Appeal of the legal district of Antwerp are competent.

  • Please also read our privacy policy. This is an integral part of our general rules and conditions.

  • This statement is for informational purposes only and therefore not legally binding. For more information, please consult the Dutch version. It is the only lawful accountable statement of our general rules and conditions.

Cancellation Policy VIP packages for individuals

  • Definition:

     an individual is everyone who, for their own account or by extension for third parties within the domestic sphere (family and friends) and for their own use, whether in front of others, place orders without any commercial purpose.

  • Within 48 hours after your reservation, you can cancel your reservation free of charge, if the event has not yet taken place AND your payment has not yet been done. In case of a cancellation within 48 hours of your reservation but a payment that has already been registered, we will charge a 10% administrative fee of the total amount.

  • In all other cases, there is no right of withdrawal and you, as a consumer, don’t have the right to renounce your purchase. Although Article 47 of the Act of the 6th of April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection in distance selling provides the consumer with a period of 14 calendar days, during which the consumer may renounce the contract, this right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts concluded via this website, because the implementation of the provision of services begins before the withdrawal period. Moreover, on the basis of specific regulations (Royal Decree of the 18th of November 2002), the right of withdrawal does not apply to housing, transport, catering and leisure services.

Cancellation Policy VIP packages for companies

  • Definition:

     a company is an entity, with or without a VAT identification number, who places orders for third parties outside the domestic sphere (clients, business relations, employees)e from a specific commercial point of view.

  • Every order placed by companies is definite, once the payment has been registered

  • This statement is for informational purposes only and therefore not legally binding. For more information, please consult the Dutch version. It is the only lawful accountable statement of our general rules and conditions.

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