Like practically all my colleagues, I was trapped behind theater curtains for 2 years by Saint Corona. I was fortunately able to waste that enforced isolation meaningfully by writing my autobiography, but the urge to make people laugh live was still seriously pressing under my heart.

Now that finally even my audience is allowed outside again, I can hear them shouting BIS BIS BIS! from inside the auditorium and the curtains fly open of their own accord. I obviously want to surprise my fans with a brand new show and have written 6 new songs. I will also perform 6 of my greatest hits. As a humorist, I especially want to tell people new stories, but this time I will also satisfy the fans who like to hear me sing some familiar sing-alongs.
Anyway, after a career of 50 years (!) some tendons start to wriggle in my head and joints, but I remain who I am and will appear on stage again as Urbanus with full enthusiasm.

Welcome everyone,

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