Opera D'amore

Sat 12.10.2024

Experience the magic of opera in a new dimension! Opera D'amore returns with a stunning performance that combines 10 iconic opera scenes into one evening of passion and music.

After the overwhelming success in 2023, when the audience could not get enough and the standing ovations would not stop, Opera D'amore is excited to return to Antwerpen/Gent with an even more captivating performance this year.

Join us for a mesmerising event that unites 10 iconic opera acts and scenes from 7 of the world's most celebrated operas into one extraordinary evening. Feel the surge of joy, the thrill of laughter, and the warmth of love as each note unfolds in this visually stunning celebration of music and passion.

Experience heart-stirring love scenes, duets, arias, and overtures from legendary composers like Verdi, Puccini, and Bizet. These masterpieces are brought to life by world-class singers, accompanied by a live classical orchestra, and enhanced by groundbreaking stage technology. Experience the magic of opera with five massive LED screens that provide a 4K resolution virtual 3D environment, blending the art of opera with cinematic brilliance, catapulting this historic art form into the 21st century!

Featuring scenes from beloved operas such as:

  • Carmen

  • Rigoletto

  • Tosca

  • La Bohème

  • La Traviata

Once again narrated by the exceptionally talented Mr. Keneward Hill, who will guide us through each act with wisdom and insight. His narrative unveils the intricate emotions and conflicts of love embedded within each scene, offering both a brief synopsis and a deeper understanding of the unfolding drama.

A unique opportunity to connect with the timeless world of opera. Whether you are a seasoned opera lover or new to the art form, this show promises an unforgettable journey through the passions that have moved audiences for centuries.

Feel the joy, share the laughter, and fall in love again at Opera D'amore. Experience the magic that left last year’s audience in awe and coming back for more. This is not just an event, it's an experience not to be missed.

Sat 12.10.2024Timing to follow


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  • Sat 12.10.2024Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen

At the box office, you pay an extra 2 euros service charge.
OrganizerOpera D'amore Ltd.

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