Isabelle Beernaert

Particles Of God

Particles of God aims high.

To the universe more specifically. Constantly in motion.
Our home, connecting us all.
That creative sparkle leads to a unique artistic interpretation.

In her new performance, Isabelle Beernaert plays with extremes: forces of nature versus the transcendent.
With a top cast, beautiful costumes by Cortana and a luminous set by Blok by Carina, the Flemish choreographer takes both her dancers and her audience on a penetrating journey. The common thread in Particles of God includes the live music of conductor, composer and master violinist Peter Bogaert, who also appears in this existential story as a mysterious character.
Music and dance are inseparable.
Isabelle Beernaert guarantees musical diversity, to the rhythm of the performance.
Work by Max Richter, Philip Glass, Jon Hopkins, Peter Gregson, Peter Bogaert, among others, melts together into a beating whole, like days on a tour.

An experience not to be missed.

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