Amelie Albrecht

Goe Genoeg

Fri 02.05.2025

Everyone knows Amelie Albrecht by now. The Dendermond native who enjoys a good Duvel once in a while. She is ready for her second show.

The past two years have been a rollercoaster for Amelie Albrecht.

Her comedy career shot up like a rocket, with exclusively sold-out shows and many television appearances. She is constantly recognized on the street and is spontaneously offered goodies as an influencer. That definitely means you have made it.

Her friends warn her: "Make sure you don't become arrogant. But that won't happen to her: she already was.

But being famous is not all peaches and cream. When Amelie walks down the street, she always has to look good for selfies. She has had to come up with a real signature and even her dog Duvel is unintentionally accosted. Ah yes, because he obviously had to get a separate instagram.

Rest assured: Amelie is enjoying her success. And that new hall show? It will come. And it will be good enough. But when is it good enough for her?

Fri 02.05.2025Timing to follow


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