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Deva Premal & Miten and Manose in concert On The Wings Of Mantra

Exactement un an après leur précédente visite, Deva Premal & Miten et le maestro népalais bansuri Manose reviendront à Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen. Ils sont à la pointe du phénomène mondial du chant depuis plus de 20 ans, propulsant l’ancien pouvoir de guérison du chant mantra au 21e siècle.

Mantra has gone mainstream, and Deva Premal & Miten have been on the leading edge of this global chant phenomenon for over 20 years, propelling the ancient healing power of mantra chanting into the 21st century as they travel the globe with Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose and their international band.

Their transformational events have become legendary among millions of meditators and yoga practitioners around the world, with sell out concerts and a string of acclaimed CDs topping World and New Age charts at iTunes, Amazon and Billboard.

Their blend of sensual, groove based, east-meets-west style of music has attracted the attention of superstars, celebrities, and world teachers – even the Dalai Lama is known to include their chants in his private time. And they have also taken their mantras to prisons (such as San Quentin), homeless shelters and facilities for autistic children, where chanting offers an effortless path to ease the heart and quiet the mind.

Miten: “The Wings of Mantra gatherings are not concerts in the accepted sense. We don’t see ourselves as entertainers or ‘performers’. Our music is created as a communal experience, to lighten the load of the day-today existence and to open the door to a deeper, more profound experience of meditation. It’s all about participation. Sing! Chant! Laugh! Cry! It’s all part of the mix when we come together to meditate.”

The Wings of Mantra World Tour 2019 will feature the Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra from their latest album, DEVA along with Miten’s songs of spiritual awakening, taken from his TEMPLE AT MIDNIGHT album.

This planet is shaking and trembling. It is obvious that we cannot wait for peace to be delivered from ‘the outside’. Deva & Miten are proof that chanting these ancient mantras opens the door to an inner sanctum where endless peace reigns.

Deva: “Every theatre becomes a temple when we gather to give thanks through sacred chant. Our voices, ecstatic and harmonious, provide the soil for transformational experience. And it always happens. Mantra chanting never fails to uplift the tired spirit, no matter how dis-connected we may feel. In Sanskrit, ‘man’ means mind and ‘tra’ means to be free from, so ‘mantra’ literally translated, is a bridge between the busy, chattering mind and inner peace. This has been the essence of my personal journey with music and meditation. From song into silence.”

Deva Premal, Manose and Miten’s band features:
Joby Baker (bass/vocals/keyboards)
Rishi (percussion)
Spencer Cozens (keyboards)


CHER (Who continues to perform Deva’s Gayatri Mantra live on stage in Las Vegas): “THE ESSENCE by Deva Premal is my all-time favorite album for yoga.”

HH DALAI LAMA: “Beautiful, beautiful music…!” (After Deva & Miten played for him at a private audience.)

SAN QUENTIN PRISON INMATE: “I’ve been in here 25 years, but tonight I’m free…” (After a concert in the prison by Deva & Miten with Manose)

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