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Anna Karenina Boris Eifman Ballet

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Boris Eifman’s ballet Anna Karenina is a true burst of inner psychological energy and is amazingly precise in delivering emotional impact upon its viewers. By setting aside all secondary storylines in Leo Tolstoy’s novel, the choreographer focused on the love triangle “Anna – Karenin – Vronsky”.

Using dance language, Boris Eifman in his ballet managed to portray the drama of a woman being reborn. According to the choreographer, it is the love passion, the “basic instinct” which has led the heroine to the breach of the then current norms of social morality, killed motherly love in Anna Karenina and destroyed her inner world. Being so completely consumed and crushed by passion, a woman is ready for any sacrifice.

The choreographer says that his ballet speaks not of previous times but of today: the timeless emotional content of the performance and obvious parallels to reality can’t leave the contemporary viewer indifferent. The brilliant technical mastery of the company’s dancers and Boris Eifman’s astounding choreography present to us in a remarkably impressive way all the aspects and peripeteias of the Tolstoy’s novel.

Capitole 42, 55 and 72 euros.
Stadsschouwburg 25, 42, 55 and 72 euros.


Sun 25.11.2018

Doors - 16:00
Start - 17:00

Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen

In our other venues

Thu 22.11.2018

Doors - 19:00
Start - 20:00

Capitole Gent

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"Anna Karenina - Boris Eifman Ballet" is organised by Aramé Production